Bonjour! Merci d’être venu. Je m’appelle Justine Sheriff, je suis concepteur-redacteur freelance. J’habite à Paris, mais je crée des contenus en anglais. Je travaille dans tous les medias (presse, radio, télé) mais le plus souvent je surfe sur internet en collaboration avec des agences digitales.


Hey, thanks for stopping by. My name’s Justine Sheriff, I’m a freelance English copywriter based in Paris, France. While I spent my early life between the UK and North America, I’ve made Europe my home for the last 15 years. My international experience has left me with one major obsession: help people communicate more effectively.

Today, global brands need concepts and copy that work as well in Edinburgh as they do in Eindhoven. The worry is that in reaching across the world, your brand message might lose some of its personality, of what makes it unique. How can you speak globally while staying relevant locally?

I help my international clients with clear, creative English communication. Whatever you need – a brand name or platform, a website, a print or email campaign, article, slogan or tagline, a TV script, an app or social media posts, – I can ensure that you’re getting your message across, without anything getting lost in translation.