Agnès b Fonds de Dotation

abdelkader benchamma dark matter livre exposition

Mission : Traduction en anglais

Client :  Agnés b Fonds de Dotation, livre du l’exposition Abdelkader Benchamma

Brief : Traduire les textes français d’un catalogue d’exposition


Extrait du texte traduit (d’une interview en français de Jean-Max Colard avec les scientifiques Marc Lachieze-Rey, Karim Noui et l’artiste Abdelkader Benchamma)

ML-R: There is this surprising phenomenon in physics, where you can find structures that have similar shapes and appearances at extremely different scales, whether atomic, human or astronomic. We can juxtapose photos of viruses and photos of certaingalaxies or nebula – the resemblance is astonishing. At the beginning of the 20th century, D’Arcy Thompson spent his time analyzing shapes of vegetables, minerals, animals andclouds. At the same time, it’s important to be wary of the analogy. It can be a help, but it’s also very dangerous.

J-MC: The studies Leonardo da Vinci made of the flood or of whirlpools also come to mind… Do these drawings by Abdelkader reveal a very old physical vision of the world or do they approach more recent scientific models?

KN: An understanding of phase transitions goes back to the 50s. And the notion of scale invariance was conceived in the 70s. So Abdelkader’s drawings offer a really modern vision of matter and of the Universe.