Agnès b. Fonds de Dotation

music plastique fanzine

Mission : Traduction en anglais

Client :  Agnés b Fonds de Dotation, livre du l’exposition Musique Plastique

Brief : Traduction des textes français en anglais


Exemple du texte traduit: (l’original francais par Jean-Yves Leloup)

Pop Art ≠ Art Pop

When we talk about the pop art movement, the notion of a pop music is not far away, in the sense of a purposefully plastic music whose talent and aesthetic cannot be reduced to the easily seductive sounds of conventional pop songs. This plastic music distinguishes itself through a complete aesthetic approach, which encompasses music, visuals, concert scenography, and even the way the musicians communicate with the media and the public. Among these bands, Kraftwerk stands as a perfect example, as do the mysterious

Residents. Coming out of San Francisco at the beginning of the 1970s, this anonymous band is behind numerous albums, shows, music or interactive videos, all of which draw on the sound experimentation and history of pop music, 1970s avant-garde theatre and the deep well of American subcultures.